Welcome to the land of milk & honey…

Peeper Pond Farm is a 12.5 acre retirement homestead farm operated by David and Barbara Umling since 2016.  Located deep in the majestic, forested mountains of West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands region, we produce a wide range of products, including natural, farm-fresh goat milk, honey, fruits, and vegetables.  We raise and manage a small herd of Oberhasli goats and two hives of honey bees (Italians and Carniolans).  We also maintain a large vegetable garden and a small fruit tree orchard bearing apples and peaches.  In our spare time, Barb enjoys quilting and cooking while Dave dabbles in photography, writing, and any number of workshop projects for the farm.  Our small signature “peeper pond” is located near the farm entrance and treats our neighbors and visitors to annual nightly concerts by the Spring Peepers.  Wild deer from the Monongahela National Forest are frequent morning and evening visitors to the farm.

Our Annual Spring Peeper Sunset Serenade – March 24, 2019

We strive to live a simple, healthy (physically active), self-reliant lifestyle honoring and employing our traditional Appalachian folkways.  We can our own vegetables, sauces, jellies, and preserves.  Our goats provide us with fresh goat milk to drink and use for cooking, and any excess we have is used to make our own soap, ice cream, cheese, or lotions.  Our bees pollinate our fruit trees and flowers, while providing us with honey and beeswax.  Our goat kids provide a source of supplemental farm income, and any wethers (castrated males) we raise provide us with a source of meat.  We make the most of our land, livestock, and produce to serve as many of our basic needs as possible.  Any excess goods (overstock) we produce will be sold to the public–as they become available–to offset our supply and operating costs.  We do not desire to be a commercial farm.  We operate our farm as a self-subsidized, homesteading operation.

Visitors are welcome at Peeper Pond Farm, and–as our schedule and capacity permits–we may allow visitors opportunities to arrange extended participatory farm experience vacations.  Prior to visiting, all visitors must review, understand, and consent to our Disclaimer Statement, and for those wishing to vacation with us, you must complete and sign our Waiver of Liability form.  Both of these documents are posted on our web site.  If you have any questions or would like to inquire about an educational vacation with us, please call or e-mail us.