In addition to quilting, Barb loves to cook.  The following pages of our website contain many of her favorite scratch recipes.  The original source of each recipe is listed, although she has modified some of them to fit her taste.  Some of them are old family recipes (many of which go back for generations) and others are from a published source.  Many of them have an Amish and/or German influence, which is our family heritage.  A number of her recipes can be made from basic ingredients that we produce fresh here at Peeper Pond Farm, including milk, cream, butter, honey, and various vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  We think you will enjoy them as no one who has visited our house for a meal has left hungry.  Home cooking is a major part of our self-reliant lifestyle and, although it can take slightly more time to prepare food from scratch, the overall cost difference can be significant.  Also, home cooked meals can taste slightly different from time to time, which can be a welcome relief from the eventual monotony of packaged meals.  Add a little flavorful variety to your life by cooking your own meals from scratch.  Barb is always willing to give free telephone or e-mail advice or to provide more extensive, personalized training to visitors here at Peeper Pond Farm.