Our front porch mountain panorama

While we do not require or solicit visits or extended stays to our farm, day visitors are always welcome and we may, for learning purposes, make special arrangements for extended education farm experience stays.  For example, if you wish to purchase one of our goat kids, desire to be present for its birth or learn how to care for a goat, or you want a practical learning experience in homestead farm life, we may be willing to make arrangements for you to spend an extended stay or vacation at our home.  If your stay with us is arranged to learn how to care for a goat you have purchased or to help with its birth, we will discount the purchase cost of your goat by 50% for a doe or 100% for a buck.  We are willing to make these special arrangements because we are eager to help those who have a sincere interest in our lifestyle and our operation–especially for those truly interested in starting their own homestead farming operations.  We also want to ensure that purchasers of our goats know how to care for them properly.  We ask that you openly discuss your interests with us in advance so we can help you decide if your interest in our way of life is rooted in a basic understanding of what it may require of you.  Please be forthright in these discussions, as it is in your best interest and also an important part of the learning experience.

We have two guest bedrooms (PHOTOS TO BE ADDED LATER)–one with a double bed and one with a single or “twin” bed, so our accommodations are limited.  Also, please be advised that we have no special facilities for handicapped access.  If you have specific handicaps that we cannot accommodate, we can mail our products to you or explain what we do and how we do it over the phone or by e-mail.  Unfortunately, these are the only and most basic accommodations we can arrange.  We do not require that you visit us to obtain our products, services, or counsel.  Also, you should be aware that our house has no central air conditioning.  If that is a concern for you, we recommend that you plan your stay during a time when the overnight lows (in our area) are forecasted to be 62 degrees or lower.  Finally, please be advised that, if you wish to make arrangements for an overnight or extended stay, we may ask you if you have or have been exposed to bedbugs.  We built our own home, and it is all we have.  Our home is bedbug free, so we take all necessary measures to ensure that it remains that way.  We must, however, request your honesty and cooperation in that regard.

Our Rates:

Farm visits during the day (between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM), either to pick up products you wish to purchase or have ordered from us or to request a brief tour of our farm, are free of charge.  We do ask that you contact us a week in advance so that we can make sure we will be at home and can set aside time for your visit.  As a working farm we can be busy with some chore or project at any time of the day.  Since our products can be ordered and delivered to you through our website, it is not necessary for you to visit our farm to obtain the products you seek.

Extended visits or stays may be arranged at least two weeks in advance.  This allows us to make sure that our accommodations are ready to receive you and that we can plan our meals and your experience (whatever that may be) in advance.  All overnight stays and extended stays include home-cooked meals–breakfast, dinner, and supper–depending on the length of your stay.  Be advised that we may ask many questions of you when arranging an extended to better understand your capabilities and nutritional needs and preferences.  These questions may include, what foods you desire or do not eat, what food allergies you may have, and general questions relating to your physical limitations and capabilities–especially if you wish a participatory farming experience.  Farming is a an inherently hazardous and labor intensive occupation.  We need to understand what your physical limitations are and what physical condition you are in if you want or expect to learn what homestead farming is all about.  We will not ask you to do what you are not capable of doing, but it is your responsibility to make sure we understand your specific limitations in advance.  All extended stay visitors are required to read and understand our Disclaimer statement and to sign and submit our Waiver of Liability form prior to arriving.  Our basic rates (including meals and teaching experience) for extended stays at our home (not including any specific lodging taxes that may be required) are as listed below.  Of course, there is no charge for our close friends or family.

  • Single night stays (includes a supper & breakfast) — $70 (double bedroom) or $60 (single bedroom)
  • Weekend stays (arrive Friday after 3 PM, leave Sunday by noon) — $60/night (double) or $50/night (single)
  • At least 3 night, but not more than 7 night vacation stays —  $45/night (double) or $40/night (single)


  • If you must cancel a scheduled overnight or extended stay at least 24 hours in advance of your arrival day, your reservation will be canceled without charge.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours or never arrive for your stay, you will be entitled to a 75% refund.
  • If you decide, for any reason, before 8 PM of a single night stay or within the first 24 hours of an extended stay that you cannot complete your stay with us, you will be entitled to a 50% refund.
  • Unfortunately, we offer no refund for any cancelation that occurs outside of the parameters specified above.

We appreciate your interest in our farm and lifestyle!