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David & Barbara Umling

Planting Time

Finally!  We just learned recently that the Grant County Farmers Market will take place this year in its traditional location at the Petersburg City Park parking lot.  Of course, we’ll be attending.  In fact, we will be located in the… Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

It’s the last day of April in 2020, and we are waiting to learn what will become of our society.  Will the economy recover?  Will we have a Farmers Market this summer?  Will the lockdown (quarantine) be lifted?  What will… Continue Reading →

Calli’s Return

Is it hope springs eternal, or spring’s eternal hope?  In our case, I’d say it’s the latter.  I awoke a little late this morning—just before 5:00 AM.  I went through my typical morning routine, minus feeding Calli, and went out… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Pretty Kitty

This is one of those website posts I wish I didn’t have to write.   Tragedy has struck our farm again.  Our black calico housecat Calli, has disappeared.  I had let her outdoors just after 4:30 AM on Friday morning, March… Continue Reading →

Falling Short Again

Spring has sprung again.  We just finished two straight days with high temperatures above 70-degrees, but no Indian Spring conditions yet.  As I write this post, the temperature outside our dining room windows is 40 degrees with a bracing north… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus 2019

We don’t make it a priority to closely follow the national news, until or unless it has some relevance to our retirement life here at Peeper Pond Farm.  Maybe some will see that as foolish, but I view it as… Continue Reading →

The Trusty Old Almanac

Yesterday was Groundhog Day.  According to our local woodchuck meteorologists, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil and West Virginia’s French Creek Freddie, we can expect an early start to spring this year.  That forecast certainly seems to be bearing fruit as a warm… Continue Reading →

Winter Doldrums

We have finally arrived at the “pit of winter.”  That is, the six-week period centered around January 21 (one month beyond the annual winter solstice) when we typically expect the coldest weather of the year to occur.  So far this… Continue Reading →

Blanket of Snow

Welcome to another New Year.  Our celebration included the season’s first snow cover on January 7.  It snowed like there would be no tomorrow, and by the time it was spent, we measured four inches of fresh, wet snow.  It… Continue Reading →

Christmas Frost

Two years ago, Christmas Day 2017, we had the first official “white Christmas” of our retirement here at Peeper Pond Farm.  This year, with a forecast high in the mid-50’s, we weren’t optimistic about our chances for a repeat, but… Continue Reading →

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