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David & Barbara Umling

Little Bit

We borrowed Little Bit, one of Dale and Merrily Carroll’s Dwarf Nigerian bucks, on October 14 to breed our two milking does, Essie and Snowball.  He went to work right away pursuing Essie, who was just coming into heat at… Continue Reading →


In the early 1960’s, University of Florida football coach, Ray Graves, made a request for a power drink that would help replenish critical body fluids after hard exercise playing football in the Florida heat.  The response was the invention of… Continue Reading →


For the past few years now, Barb and I have wanted to experiment with growing popcorn in our vegetable garden.  Our sweet corn crops have done very well, but neither of us had any experience growing and harvesting popcorn.  Unfortunately,… Continue Reading →

A Haunting Halloween

Once again, it’s Halloween—only this year it falls on a full blue moon.  The daylight hours are declining as we approach winter, and darkness now rules the day.  What’s more, the dreaded Coronavirus is resurging, which is more than enough… Continue Reading →

Fall Encore in Pendleton County

Living as we do in an expansive mountain wilderness, we get to enjoy dramatic scenery that changes with every season.  I made sure our house had large windows in every room so we could enjoy as much of our glorious… Continue Reading →

Breeding Our Goats

Now that four years have passed since we first began operating Peeper Pond Farm, we have gained a lot of experience keeping goats—more than twenty months of it to date.  Throughout that time, we have successfully bottle-fed and raised four… Continue Reading →

Autumn Splendor

The early hard freezes we received in late September brought an early closure of the growing season here at Peeper Pond Farm.  Aside from sowing our Winter Rye seeds (which we plan to do tomorrow), our garden has been put… Continue Reading →

First Frost

The first day of fall is scheduled to occur tomorrow even though our official summer growing season ended yesterday morning (Sunday, September 20).  The morning low bottomed out at 30 degrees, and a very heavy frost coated everything from grass… Continue Reading →

Goat Houdinis

We attended our final Farmers Market for the season yesterday (Saturday, September 12) in Franklin, where we have appeared twice this year.  Both of those appearances gave us high volume sales, without which we would not have exceeded our total… Continue Reading →

Peppersass Goes Home

Our new kitten, Peppersass, that we brought to our farm on Sunday, August 23, thoroughly enjoyed living with us.  She is a playful, affectionate kitten that made herself right at home with us.  Unfortunately, our resident cat, Calli, wanted nothing… Continue Reading →

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