Five Inches and Counting – 1/31/21

We are now in the second day of a snowstorm that has generously deposited eight inches of snow on us (as of 7:00 AM this morning).  I have not plowed out our driveway because it is expected to snow throughout most of the day, and I’ll be lucky to convince our tractor, Ferguson, to work with me once the storm has left.  Ferguson prefers to sleep through the winter, and he can be very stubborn to wake up when he doesn’t want to.  I have shoveled out paths from the house to the garage and goat barn twice now, and I expect I will have to do it at least once more when I feed the goats later this afternoon.   We planned to sit out the storm at home, so I don’t have any need to do more outdoors than shovel snow, bring in wood for our cookstove and tend to our goats in the mornings and evenings.  At least we can entertain ourselves watching the snowfall and appreciating the beautiful winter scenery.

Calli In the Snow – 2/1/21

Calli, on the other hand, is having a difficult time with the inclement winter weather.  She is having to spend more of her time indoors, which is very boring for her.  She prefers to spend the bulk of her days outdoors hunting for mice, bunnies, birds, and other tasty feasts she can find and catch.  She patrols our farm thoroughly in her hunting forays.  However, deep snows, like the one we have been receiving for the past two days, forces her into the house far more frequently and longer than she can comfortably tolerate.  I could explain the strategies she uses to cope with her confinement, but I decided to let her tell you in her own words.  I’ll just type it up for her.  She likes to paw at the keys when I’m typing on the computer, but her paws are a little too big to type each individual key.  Therefore, I will do the typing for her.  She is sitting in her chair next to me now, so I will let her tell me what she wants to say.  For your reading pleasure, here is Calli’s essay on how I spent my snow day…

“I was born in a real log cabin at the intersection of Possum Hollow Road and Lunice Creek Highway (WV Highway 42) south of Maysville.  My real mother was a cat, but I don’t remember her or my siblings.  My human mother and father adopted me when I was very young.  Since then, I have been living at my new home on Peeper Pond Farm. 

“I like my independence and can take care of myself, most of the time.  My mom and dad take good care of me, but I don’t like it when they tell tales about me.  I hope you won’t listen to all the stories they tell, because most of them are lies—as far as you know.  This time, my dad says he will type what I tell him to say, but I can’t read, so I will just have to trust him.  I reserve the right to deny anything he may tell you on my behalf.

Waiting to Pounce

“I don’t like all this snow because it makes my life very boring.  It’s cold and wet to walk on, which makes it unpleasant for me to do my regular outdoor kitty activities.  I have tried to hunt for field mice in the snow before, but they won’t come out and play with me.  I just end up with a cold, wet butt from sitting in the snow and waiting for them.  I have tried to make quick trips across the snow to hide under the cedar trees, but there is just nothing for me to do when I get there.  I can’t even chase the deer because they won’t come out of the woods.

“I have tried to hunt for the field mice that live under the haystack in our goat barn, but I don’t like to do that when the goats are in the barn.  I used to enjoy scaring them, but Essie got sick of that, and now she lowers her head and charges at me when go near them.  I have to sneak by them carefully now.  I don’t blame them for not liking the snow any more than I do, but I sure wish they’d get out of the barn so I can have somewhere to hunt.  That leaves me with nowhere to go outdoors but under the big porch, and there’s nothing fun to do there, either.

How I Spent My Snow Day – 1/31/21

“That’s why I’m stuck indoors with Mom and Dad.  They play with me from time to time, but they don’t understand that I’m getting too old to get excited about chasing a string or playing with my jingle balls.  I guess it’s fun for them, but I want a better challenge.  I do like to spend a lot of time sitting in my chair at the south-facing dining room window to watch all the goldfinches that eat from the feeders just outside the window.  I can get very close to them, but I can’t catch them because the glass gets in my way.  I just end up bumping my paws and head on the window.  This is one of those times when I don’t trust my dad to tell you the truth.

Sooo Close – 1/31/21

“When I can’t watch the goldfinches, I spend time visiting my food bowls and sleeping.  Maybe if I can put on a little more weight, it won’t feel so cold outside.  Otherwise, all that’s left to do is sleep through it.

How I Like to Spend a Snow Day

“It’s hard to find a really good place for me to sleep in this house, so I keep trying to sleep in new places.  I prefer to sleep in a place where I can really stretch out and droop my head off the edge of my bed, whatever it may be.  My head needs all the blood it can get.  Sometimes, I like to curl up in a place where I can hide from everyone and everything.  It’s easier to sleep comfortably when you have a secure place where predators can’t disturb you.

Calli’s Comfort Sneaker – 1/31/21

“I also like to pester my mom when she is working in her sewing room.  I lay down on her feet because I love the smell of her shoes.  When I was a little kitten, I used to drop my catnip mouse in one of her shoes and sleep with my head in it.  I just love that fragrant mix of catnip and foot odor.  I dream of those youthful times when I sleep with my head on her shoes today.

Calli’s Sneaker Dreams – 1/31/21

“That’s how I spent my snow day during this storm.  I don’t want to say too much, so my dad won’t be able to exaggerate.  I would just like to thank all my readers for following my exploits here at my Peeper Pond Farm home.

“OW!  I just bumped my head on the dining room window again.  Maybe it’s time for another nap.”