Peeper Pond Farm, LLC is a not-for-profit homesteading farm operation, not a profit-making venture.  All farm proceeds through excess product sales, herd share agreements, and unsolicited visitations are used to offset or recover farm operating and supply costs.  Any profit or loss that the farm operation may incur during a given year is unintended, not planned.

While farming can be an enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding active experience for the right people, it is widely known to be a dangerous, physically demanding occupation with a high risk of injury.  It is often ranked among the most dangerous occupations, along with mining, logging, and commercial fishing.  Anyone interested in experiencing farming for the first time must be mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the rigors of farm work.  Farmers must not be reluctant to get dirty on the job, afraid to work with livestock, intimidated by physical labor, or reluctant to work around or with heavy equipment.  Life on a farm can be as “real” as it can get.  Even during a brief visit, you may witness birth and/or death, experience accidental cuts or bruises, or find yourself covered in dirt or something more odiferous.  Farming is not an experience that should be undertaken casually or on a whim.  However, with proper training, conditioning, and gradual experience, it is a way of living that most people can learn to do safely, capably, and enjoyably.

Peeper Pond Farm maintains livestock that may incidentally bite, sting, climb on, or, in some manner, attack visitors to defend themselves, their offspring, or territory from any perceived threat, whether intentional or unintentional.  In addition, visitors should expect potential exposure to outdoor biting insects that are frequently associated with livestock including, but not specifically limited to, mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.  Visitors who fear exposure to biting insects, livestock (specifically including, but not limited to goats, bees, or chickens) or certain farm implements (specifically including but not limited to tractors), or may not be physically capable of undertaking farm activities (specifically including, but not necessarily limited to bending, lifting or carrying items weighing up to 50 pounds, traversing uneven, unimproved or even somewhat unstable ground, and/or climbing stairs or ladders) shall disclose such concerns prior to visitation and/or provide for their own first aid treatment should an injury occur during a requested visit.

Visitors who have specific allergies to animals (specifically including, but not limited to bees, goats, dogs, or cats), plants (specifically including, but not limited to tree and grass pollens, poison ivy, oak, or sumac), or food items (specifically including, but not limited to, nuts, wheat, and soy beans) that may be present or used on Peeper Pond Farm shall disclose such allergies prior to visitation, avoid any potential contact with allergens that may exist on the farm, and/or provide for their own protection or emergency treatment.

All prospective visitors must understand that Peeper Pond Farm does not possess or provide special handicapped access facilities, including wheelchair ramps, lifts, concrete or paved walkways, or other features that some prospective visitors may require.  Any specific accessibility limitations, needs, or questions that an interested visitor may have shall be explained prior to visitation by letter, e-mail, or telephone.

Finally, all visitors requesting participatory farm experience vacations shall submit a completed and signed Waiver of Liability prior to visiting Peeper Pond Farm.  This form may be downloaded and printed using the attached PDF file link provided at the bottom of this page.

While Peeper Pond Farm welcomes public interest and inquiries regarding our basic operation or any excess products that, occasionally, may be offered for sale, we do not actively seek or solicit visitations.  Visitations, including extended participatory farm experience vacations, may be requested, but will only be accepted at the exclusive risk of the requesting party.  All visitors must be aware that the nearest general hospital to Peeper Pond Farm (Grant Memorial Hospital in Petersburg, WV) is located approximately 15 miles away and all emergency response services in the area are volunteer with response times that may exceed 8 minutes.  The owners and operators of Peeper Pond Farm are not trained or qualified to provide any medical treatment or advanced life support.  You are strongly advised to consult with your physician to determine if you are healthy to undertake the physical challenges of farm work and to make sure that your tetanus inoculation is current before arrival.

Any additional questions regarding your personal liability when requesting to visit Peeper Pond Farm shall be submitted in advance by letter, e-mail, or telephone using the contact information provided on the “Contact Us” page.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.