Setting Up at the Grant County Farmers Market – 6/22/19

Our delightful spring began the transition to summer on Friday (June 21) with another refreshing breath of cool air.  We have had virtually no hazy days this season, and the view we enjoy of our mountains and ridges has been sharp and clear nearly every morning.  Although this bout of beautiful, mild weather will break sometime in the afternoon tomorrow, it has given us three days of relief from the heat.  While we have not recorded our first high temperature of 90 degrees or more, we did top out at 89 degrees on Father’s Day (June 16).  We have now moved well beyond the day when we would typically expect to see our first 90-degree day, sometime around the first day of June.  Not that we are complaining about it.  After all, this spring was a welcomed change from last year when we struggled with excessive rain and long stretches of sultry, muggy days.  This season is starting out with the coolest and driest weather we have seen since the summer of 2015, when we shivered through the fourth of July fireworks display at the Sugar Grove Naval Base.  This morning’s low was 46 degrees when I stood on our front porch and watched steam rise from our Peeper Pond, as it exhaled the warmth from its water into the calm, chilly air.

Our Peeper Pond Farm Garden Vegetables – 6/22/19

In fact, we have had so much dry weather this June that we watered our garden with the sprinklers on June 17 for the first time in more than a year!  This June will be the first month we’ve recorded less than average precipitation since the beginning of April 2018.  Where we struggled against mold and rot in our garden last year, we are actually dealing with some wilt this season.  That is a good problem for us, since it is far easier for us to water our garden than it is to dry it out.  Even so, our garden is producing abundantly this year.  We began setting up our booth at the Grant County Farmers Market in Petersburg on June 15 this year as opposed to our June 30 first date last year.  So far, we have sold nearly three 5-gallon buckets full of sugar snap peas, where we had only managed to salvage about three meals’ worth of peas (just for the two of us) all last season.  We are eagerly anticipating a bumper crop of vegetables this season.

Our Farmers Market Booth – 6/22/19

We set up our booth for the second time yesterday morning and enjoyed some lively sales activity in the sunny, pleasant weather.  Many of our regular customers and friends stopped by to visit with us at the market.  We even sold nine of our ten bags of peas we harvested before we had finished setting up our canopy, nearly forty minutes before the Farmers Market was scheduled to open!  Although we didn’t sell all the produce we brought with us, we had our third highest gross receipts we have received in a single day since we began selling at the Farmers Market in the 2017 season.  With an afternoon high temperature of 77 degrees, it was just a beautiful day to be outdoors.

We hope to have a good Farmers Market season this year.  At least we are off to a good and early start.  We are prepared for the typical hot and humid summer weather we know we will receive this year, but it was a real pleasure to enjoy our mild and fair spring weather.  We hope you will join us during our Saturday morning appearances at the Grant County Farmers Market.  We’d love to chat with you and share the bounty from our farm.  We wish each of you a pleasant summer!