Moon above our driveway – 6/8/20

Once again, I must apologize for the long period of inactivity on our farm website.  Not only have we been extremely busy with our late spring and early summer chores, but we lost our Internet service for more than 16 straight days.  I am glad to report that our service was recently restored, but our e-mail service will not allow us to respond to messages.  Unfortunately, all the power of our advanced technology only makes us look incompetent or foolish when it fails.  All we can do is hope to be fully restored in the near future.

I am now working to catch up on my periodic farm posts.  I was prepared to write two posts on June 8 and June 11, when we were shut down by our Internet service.  Now, for the better-late-than-sorry category, I offer you the first of those two delayed posts.

June has given us some delightful weather, which is a welcome reward for having persevered the unseasonably cold weather we experienced in April and May.  While we have had brief 1-3-day warning shots of the hot and humid summer weather to come this year, we have enjoyed far more pleasant periods with cool, crisp mornings and sunny, mild afternoons.  At least the winds have subsided.  One such beautiful day occurred on Monday, June 8, and I thought it would be a nice treat to share that morning with you in pictures.

Deer feeding at the edge of our field – 6/8/20

As shown in the picture at the top of this post, the day broke very early with calm, clear, blue skies, punctuated by a three-quarters-full moon hanging above our driveway.  We have seen less jet traffic from the major airports in Washington, Baltimore, and Pittsburg in recent months, due to the Coronavirus lock-down, so the clarity of our skies has been less marred by the milky haze caused by frequent con-trails.  This condition not only makes the sky appear bluer, but it also aids in overnight radiational cooling, helping give us more pleasant morning conditions to enjoy here at Peeper Pond Farm.  The combination of clear skies and a bright nearly-full moon also makes it brighter in the early pre-sunrise morning, which allowed me to capture the pictures that accompany this post.

Steam rising from our pond – 6/8/20

The next pleasant sight I noticed was a small group of deer feeding along the far edge of our hayfield along the treeline that marks the edge of our ravine.  We have seen many such foraging herds recently in numbers ranging from four to ten.  During these recent quiet and peaceful days, they have enjoyed lingering in open fields to forage during the daylight hours.

Our garden vegetables – 6/8/20

In response to the early morning chill, I watched steam rise from our peeper pond.  The temperature hoovered around 47 degrees, which was quite cool for early June.  Fog was also forming above two larger ponds near our farm.  Fortunately, the cool mornings we have experienced this spring have not damaged the vegetables in our garden.  The plants are doing well, even though we planted a week or so late this spring.

Barb’s late spring peonies – 6/8/20

Even Barb’s flowers are doing well this spring.  Two years ago, Barb planted some peonies next to the corner of our shed from her mother’s house in Vermont.  They have bloomed profusely this season, as evidenced by the picture I took that morning.  I guess they have made the adjustment to life in rural West Virginia.

A spider dangles from our front porch – 6/8/20

As I returned to our front porch, I noticed a small spider dangling tenuously from a single strand of web.  The morning conditions were so pleasant, that I guess it, too, decided to enjoy the scene.  However, our morning low temperature was bottoming out at the dew point, and a broader cloak of fog was rising to meet the sunrise.  I hope the pictures I captured in this post will brighten your day, as they did mine.  Such peaceful early morning delights are one of the many sensory treats we enjoy often here at Peeper Pond Farm.