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When I mention the word “summertime,” what weather condition first comes to your mind?  I guess most people think about those sunny, carefree summer days when the warmth and beauty of the day irresistibly lures you outdoors.  For other people,… Continue Reading →

Approaching Full Milk Production

We first began milking Essie on April 6, just under four weeks from the date she gave birth to her two doe kids, Eleanor and Gracie.  I am milking her by hand using our trusty Henry Milker, which is a… Continue Reading →

Farmer’s Luck

Do you remember the early-1970s CBS television show, Hee Haw?  One of the funniest segments I can recall was the traditional singing of “Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me,” a song written by Buck Owens and Roy Clark.  One of… Continue Reading →

Opening Day

Saturday, June 5, 2021 was the opening day for the Grant County Farmer’s Market.  We were there to begin our fifth Farmer’s Market season.  The skies were bright and sunny as the first customers began to circulate among the farm… Continue Reading →

First Cutting

The sound of busy tractors can be heard in hayfields throughout our local valleys—including ours—as farmers rush to harvest their first cutting of hay of the season.  The weather has been dry and sunny with modest heat for most of… Continue Reading →

Dollars and Sense

As I write the most recent posts for our farm website that will become part of my fifth book on farming and self-reliant living, I have been working to reinforce my rationale for supporting the retirement homesteading lifestyle we have… Continue Reading →

Our Garden of Eden

Despite what the title of this post might lead you to believe, I am not writing about our vegetable garden, regardless of how well it is doing or how good I think it looks.  I’ll update you on its progress… Continue Reading →


When practicing a traditional homesteading lifestyle, hunting and gathering become important supporting practices to diversify your basic food menu.  The biological diversity and richness of the Appalachian Forest habitat makes it easy to supplement your diet by harvesting the natural… Continue Reading →

Mucking Out the Barn

Throughout my writings, I have extolled the virtues and value of self-reliant living, but I do admit that our chosen retirement lifestyle carries with it some hard and unpleasant work responsibilities.  All dairy farmers must struggle with the chore of… Continue Reading →

Daylight Savings Time

Spring forward and fall back.  That is the simple guidance Americans typically use to remember which way to adjust their clocks when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends.  This concept of shifting the time on our clocks during the summer… Continue Reading →

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