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A Glimmer of Hope

Thursday, April 18 began with a cool morning and low, dense overcast skies that were swept away by strong southerly winds to reveal a sunny, balmy day with a high temperature of 80 degrees.  It was the first time our… Continue Reading →

Making Goat Milk Soap

Saturday (April 13) brought us a beautiful, sunny spring day that encouraged us to open the windows throughout our house to air it out for the first time this year.  Our high temperature topped out around 73 degrees and a… Continue Reading →

Preparing Garden Soil–Back to the Basics

Whenever you want to establish any type of garden or planting area, the first and most important issue is to determine if the soil/location will support whatever you want to plant in it.  Several critical factors will affect your planting… Continue Reading →

Sew Many Pieces

To date, I (Dave) have been the author of all our website posts.  However, there is one traditional folkway skill we practice that I am not qualified to discuss—the fine art of quilting.  That is Barb’s forte.  Most recently, she… Continue Reading →

Indian Spring

Our weather continues to warm over time with typical spring-time tussles between warm and cool periods.  The exuberant calls of the spring peepers from our pond can be heard day and night.  Red wing blackbirds are nesting among the nine-tail… Continue Reading →

Missing the Mark

Snow is falling this morning, as I write this post.  It is a soft, gentle snowfall that has dusted all the rooftops and sprinkled a light coating of sugar on the grassy surfaces.  The low clouds and subtle, snowy haze… Continue Reading →

Turn, Turn, Turn

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. This chapter of Ecclesiastes was always my adoptive grandfather’s favorite passage from the Bible.  He recited it to me so often when I was a child that… Continue Reading →

It’s Snow Quiet Outside

We’ve had a lot of snowy days this year, but no really big snowstorm.  The most we’ve received from any individual snowstorm this season was six inches on February 20.  However, since the beginning of March, we have received 1.5… Continue Reading →

Mountain Music

Traditional Appalachian Mountain lifestyles are based on a number of cultural pillars that form a solid foundation.  These pillars include a strong devotion to family, deep-seated religious values, a determined independent spirit, and a firm devotion to a cultural heritage. … Continue Reading →


While most of my website posts focus on traditional farming practices and our farm activities, I do try to discuss and explain the core values that serve as the foundation for traditional self-reliant living.  If you want to understand how… Continue Reading →

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