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While most of my website posts focus on traditional farming practices and our farm activities, I do try to discuss and explain the core values that serve as the foundation for traditional self-reliant living.  If you want to understand how… Continue Reading →


Most of the website posts I write are inspired by events that occur on our farm or the places we visit.  However, every once in a while, an idea for a new post just comes to mind.  This is one… Continue Reading →


If you study a map of Pennsylvania, you may have a difficult time finding the tiny village of Shanksville.  With an estimated population of about 225 people, it isn’t what you would call a bustling town.  Although it was first… Continue Reading →

Calli’s Pink Leg

The coldest weather of this young year is sweeping into our area this morning, bringing with it fierce northwest winds and intense snow squalls.  Our overnight lows are expected to drop slightly below zero (-1° to -5°) with windchills of… Continue Reading →

Our Dairy Bill Has Been Introduced!

It took the 2017 failure of our retirement dairy goat operation and an additional 17 months of research, hard work, and public advocacy, but it all paid off yesterday when Delegate Isaac Sponaugle formally introduced our WV Farm Fresh Raw… Continue Reading →

Defending Sales of Farm Fresh Raw Milk

Ever since financial constraints forced the sale of our dairy goat herd on August 5, 2017, I have been working to write a draft bill to end West Virginia’s lingering law prohibiting direct farm-to-consumer sales of unprocessed (raw) milk.  This… Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Here at Peeper Pond Farm, 2019 swept in on the back of strong winds ranging from about ten to thirty miles per hour.  At least the new year began on a warm note.  The high temperature of 63 degrees on… Continue Reading →

Another Good Drenching

Once again, our rainfall saga continues.  During the past 24 hours (ending at 4:00 PM on December 15), we received a total of 2.12 inches of rainfall here at Peeper Pond Farm.  That just happens to be the 30-year average… Continue Reading →

Meet Our New Official Peeper Pond Farm Meteorologist

I awoke this morning to another early winter snowfall that coated the ground, rooftops, and the pine and cedar trees with a fluffy white blanket of snow.  It was beautiful to watch small globs of snow fall from the cedar… Continue Reading →

Natural Bridge

According to legend, many years (perhaps centuries) before European discovery of the Americas, a small band of Monacan Indians was racing through a deep, dark, mountainous forest of giant trees trying to evade a much larger band of warriors from… Continue Reading →

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