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How To Identify A Native West Virginian

As you probably know (from many of my prior website postings), I was born and raised in New Hampshire.  Although I’m not a native West Virginian, a true native West Virginian once confused me for being one because we shared… Continue Reading →

Fall In

All I can say is, what a wonderfully delightful summer we’ve enjoyed in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia!  As autumn enters the stage, I can look back at the past spring and fall and appreciate all the pleasant weather… Continue Reading →


An important aspect of our can-do self-reliant lifestyle is preserving food from our garden for the winter months.  Doing so extends the summer cost of living benefit we receive by eating the vegetables we grow in our garden rather than… Continue Reading →


Earlier this week, I was talking with a good friend about all the things we routinely did for ourselves when we were growing up that very few people seem to do anymore.  When we were young, it wasn’t uncommon for… Continue Reading →

Haying Season

I’m sorry for the long delay in my postings on our farm website, but we were experiencing technical difficulties in retrieving photos from our cell phone.  It took us many trials and errors to convince our phone that it could… Continue Reading →

Our Mischievous Goats

Although we do not yet have what I would consider to be extensive experience with goats, we have learned a lot about their behavior.  Our Dairy Goats are generally easy to work with and very docile.  However, they do have… Continue Reading →

Another Fair Showing

This year marked the 99th consecutive Tri-County Fair in Petersburg.  Although it remains small, it is well attended and served by local residents in Grant, Hardy, and Pendleton Counties.  Once again, we participated extensively in the fair, serving as the… Continue Reading →

Catchin’ Up

Whew!  It has been a hectic month for us, which is why I left such a gap in our regular website posts.  Barb and I have been working on so many projects that we’ve barely been able to keep up… Continue Reading →

They’re Baaa-ck: Essie Comes Home

Our long-dreaded bout of July summer heat and humidity came to an abrupt halt yesterday as the very pleasant and dry weather that so characterized this spring returned.  July has given us our hottest high temperature of the year thus… Continue Reading →

Marketing Our Wares

Our delightful spring began the transition to summer on Friday (June 21) with another refreshing breath of cool air.  We have had virtually no hazy days this season, and the view we enjoy of our mountains and ridges has been… Continue Reading →

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