As you may realize from recent posts, we have experienced many technical difficulties with our satellite Internet service. These issues have made it impossible for me to reliably place posts on our farm website. Since we lack the technical expertise to determine the source of our problems or correct them on our own and our service providers only blame each other, I have decided to abandon placing further posts on this website. We will allow our website posting to expire as soon as our current service contract expires. We are very sorry for this problem and the abrupt end it brings to our efforts to support our traditional farming values and practices. Unfortunately, none of our service providers appear to be as concerned about our problems as we are, I guess that’s the nature of customer service in the twenty-first century. They will apologize profusely for our problems, but they don’t care enough to fix them. All we can do is pay for the privilege of their hollow apologies. I think they have all proven some of the points I’ve tried to make about the course of our society and their impacts on our traditional lifestyle values.