We at Peeper Pond Farm are proud to live and work in the beautiful Potomac Highlands region of West Virginia.  Pendleton County, specifically, has a long and fascinating history, friendly and supportive citizens, numerous small and helpful businesses, dramatic natural landscapes, inviting historic villages, and many outdoor recreational opportunities.  Consequently, we would like to dedicate a portion of our website to introduce you to the businesses, people, places, and features that make our local area a truly great place to live and work.  We hope you will patronize our small local businesses, experience our tourism and recreational resources, and learn to appreciate why we always say–the real reason they call West Virginia almost heaven is because it can’t all be Pendleton County!

In the pages below, you will find our brief overview of Pendleton County and its history (which is far more extensive and colorful that we could ever summarize), information on our local flora and fauna, a calendar of major events and the seasonal ebb and flow of life on Peeper Pond Farm, and lists of links to the  major attractions and the businesses we support and use that, in turn, support our farm operation.  We hope you will enjoy this snapshot of our community and region enough to want to experience it for yourself.