Peeper Pond Farm supports and loyally patronizes many small businesses and organizations in our region.  We wish to provide you with the links below for many of our favorites in the hope that you too will visit them and give them your business.  We feel they deserve it.  In addition, Pendleton County has a more comprehensive Internet guide for local businesses, organizations, and tourism resources serving our immediate community.  You may access the Pendleton County Guide by clicking on this link.

General Farm Service Businesses:

Our Dairy Goat Colleagues:

Hardware/Lumber Supplies:

  • B & H Hardware – Known as the smallest store in the Ace chain – a true old fashioned hardware store – Downtown Franklin, WV
  • Builder’s Center (Do It Best) – Petersburg & Elkins, WV
  • Bowman’s Hardware – You must see their upper floor museum – a true old fashioned hardware store – Downtown Franklin, WV
  • Central Tie & Lumber – We bought our house from Central Tie–piece by piece – Petersburg and Moorefield, WV
  • Hardman’s Hardware – A true old fashioned hardware store – Downtown Moorefield, WV
  • Lehman’s Hardware – Although it is not local, it’s our one-stop shop for non-electric, traditional hardware items – Kidron, OH

Professional Services:

Restaurants & Eateries (Pendleton County only):

Country Stores:

Barb’s Quilting Resources: