Like the rest of West Virginia, Pendleton County is heavily forested with a wide range of tree and plant species.  Our state tree, the sugar maple, is common at high elevations, but not on our farm.  The tree species most common to our farm include elm, oak, hickory, cedar, pine, locust, and redbud.  We are proud of the three large American Elm trees that we have on our farm, one of which provides shade for our porch and barnyard.  Our small orchard consists of apple and peach trees.

Flag Spruce at Bear Rocks – 2017

Greater diversity can be found in the wildflowers and shrubs on our farm.  Our property is home to multi-flora rose, phlox, mullein, loosestrife, daisies, bluets, goldenrod, chicory, queen anne’s lace, crown vetch, catnip, honeysuckle, and a number of other species, some of which have medicinal properties.  A comprehensive listing of wildflower species endemic to Pendleton County can be accessed on the Guide to Pendleton County website.  For images of wildflowers common to West Virginia, click on this link from the U.S. Wildflower database.

Wild azaleas on Spruce Knob – 6/12/17