The stars of our homestead farm operation are our goats.  At Peeper Pond Farm, we specialize in raising Oberhasli dairy goats.  Relative to other dairy goat breeds, Oberhasli’s have moderate milk yields with moderate levels of butterfat and are known for their attractive colors/markings, gentle demeanor, and ease of handling.  All of our dairy goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), and we regularly test our goats for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) and follow all recommended practices to prevent the disease.

Although we were forced by financial circumstances to sell our dairy goat herd on August 5, 2017, we are happy to announce that, as of July 25, 2019, we have begun to rebuild our dairy herd.  On of our original foundation goats, Esmeralda (Essie) returned to our farm on that date and we also obtained a 3-week old Dwarf Nigerian we have named “Snowball.”  We plan to add another Oberhasli doe within the next year or two, which we can eventually  breed and milk alternatively with Essie.  Our milking aspirations may need to wait until we can get our proposed WV Farm Fresh Raw Milk act bill adopted.

During peak production months (up to 4 months after giving birth) our does can provide us with enough excess milk (over and above our basic drinking and cooking needs) to produce a variety of other essential products, including cheese, soap, yogurt, hand lotion, and ice cream.  Any excess we have in these additional products we will offer for sale to the public to help subsidize our farm operating costs.  If you would be interested in these sundry products, please consult our “For Sale” pages.

We are truing to maintain at least three does in our herd, although the actual number may vary from year to year as some does age beyond the productive years and we raise newborn does for future milk production.  Our goats are typically bred during the fall months and give birth about 5 months after conception–usually beginning around February 1.  We usually breed two does each year and keep two others in production through the breeding season.  Over the next year we swap breeding pairs to provide a constant flow of milk to serve our needs.  We use artificial insemination to breed our goats unless we find a doe is having difficulty conceiving.  In that instance, we may send her away for a romantic rendezvous with a buck from a nearby farm.

Although we are not raising bucks, we do keep some wethers (castrated males) to raise for meat.  Any excess kids that our does produce during the spring we offer for sale to the public.  In any given year, we may have three or more goat kids than we need to serve our milk or meat needs.  If you would be interested in buying one of our kids or one of our adult goats, please consult our “For Sale” pages.

Below you will find a list of the goats in our current herd, with information regarding their genetic history and productivity.  Two of our three of our initial adult does purchased from Blue Ridge Dairy Goats, Cara and Dancing Lady, have won ADGA and VSDGS show awards.  The specific goats we plan to breed in any given year will be listed in our “For Sale” pages.

Our current goats:

1.  Blue-Ridge Esmeralda (Essie)  [ADGA Reg. #AB1846895]

Barb holding Esmeralda in her new barn (3/18/17)

Essie Comes Home – 7/25/19

Breed – Oberhasli

Born – February 28, 2017

Dam (Mother) – Blue-Ridge Ember [ADGA Reg. #AB1712626]

Sire (Father) – Blue-Ridge Handsome Devil [ADGA Reg. #1821450]

Essie was sold from our farm on August 5, 2017, but we reacquired her on July 25, 2019.

2. Farmer Dale Snowball  [Unregistered]

Snowball loafing in a hayrack – 8/6/19

Breed – Dwarf Negerian

Born – June 1, 2019

Dam (Mother) – Farmer Dale Curley Sue [ADGA Reg. #D1819800}

Sire (Father) – Big Wildcatrun Prince Charming [ADGA Reg. #D1966840]

Former Goats We Have Owned

1.  Blue-Ridge Gertie  [ADGA Reg. #AB1846894]

Barb holding Gertie in her new barn (3/18/17)

Breed – Oberhasli

Born – March 5, 2017

Dam (Mother) – Blue-Ridge Another Rose [ADGA Reg. #AB15096HI]

Sire (Father) – Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy [ADGA Reg. #AB1660017]

Died – August 1, 2017 (Meningeal Worm)

2.  Blue-Ridge Cara  [ADGA Reg. #AB1622296

Cara, who will be joining Peeper Pond Farm in mid-April 2017

Breed – Oberhasli

Born – February 28, 2012

Dam (Mother) – Blue-Ridge Zafirah [ADGA Reg. #E1500993]

Sire (Father) – Blue-Ridge Titus [ADGA Reg. #AB1311788]

Sold – August 5, 2017

3.  Blue-Ridge Emerald Crown  [ADGA Reg. #AB1712625]

Emerald on arrival at PPF – 5/2/17

Breed – Oberhasli

Born – April 17, 2014

Dam (Mother) – Blue-Ridge Royal Tiara  [ADGA Reg. #AB1297890]

Sire (Father) – Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy [ADGA Reg. #AB1660017]

Sold – August 5, 2017

3.  Blue-Ridge Dancing Lady  [ADGA Reg. #AB1664597]

Our Dancing Lady arrives at PPF – 5/10/17

Breed – Oberhasli

Born – 1/24/2014

Dam (Mother) – Blue-Ridge Angelina  [ADGA Reg. #AB1540602]

Sire (Father) – Blue-Ridge Titus [ADGA Reg. #AB1311788]

Sold – August 5, 2017