Peeper Pond Farm maintains two honey bee colonies (hives).  We have a colony of Italian and a colony of Carniolan bees.  These varieties are known for being among the more docile honey bees to handle.  Both colonies were acquired from Middle Mountain Apiary in Petersburg, WV in June of 2016.  As such, they were the first livestock acquired by Peeper Pond Farm.

The bees help us by pollinating our fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers during the spring and summer months, ensuring greater productivity.  They also produce honey from the pollen they collect, the excess from which we collect in the spring of the following year.  Our estimated average annual yield would be about five gallons per hive.  We use our honey as a cooking staple and it can be used as a substitute for sugar when the need arises.  Our bees also produce excess beeswax, which we collect as we inspect and maintain the hives during the season.  The wax is collected over time and occasionally used to make candles.

It is interesting to note that natural honey made from local plant pollens can also be used to cure and prevent allergies that people may have to those pollens.