In Memory of Nin – October 25, 2002 through July 20, 2017

14 years, 8 months, 25 days

Meet Ninny, our resident house cat.  Or would it be more accurate to say, the official Queen of Peeper Pond Farm?  Barb often refers to her as “princess pain in the butt.”  Ninny was born in October 2002 and has a well seasoned character all her own.  When lonely, she will pick up her special stuffed “fuzzy heart” toy in her mouth and carry it around the house meowing for attention.  She is also known as our “scaredy-cat” because she is afraid of her own shadow and can often be found hiding under our bed.  She sees with her nose (sniffs everything) and has a long history of misadventures and stupid antics.  She once “kissed” (accidentally head butted) a squirrel she was trying to catch; sat on a bee (not one of our own); exited the house through an open door so she could come back in through an open window to eat her supper; went into the attic to proudly “catch” a piece of fuzzy pink insulation that a chipmunk had once used for a bedding, and scared a cable TV installer by creeping up on him above a drop ceiling wearing a dust moustache.  It’s a good thing Ninny can’t talk, because the stories she would have to tell would only embarrass her.  Ninny’s favorite toy is a blue wrist band that she can occasionally pick up with her mouth, place upright on the floor, and bat with her paw to start it rolling.  Usually, she just tosses it in the air and waits for Dave to roll it across the floor for her.  Her only learned trick is to roll on the floor (do her rolly-pollies) for her meal.  As long as she survives, Ninny will truly be the character of Peeper Pond Farm.  Ninny passed away peacefully in the early morning hours of July 20, 2017 after a two-month struggle with a fungal infection.  She will be missed.

Ninny’s Precarious Pillow Perch

Now Introducing Calli, Our Deer Hunter

Calli’s frst nap at PPF – 12/6/17

Having sustained significant losses to our planned farm operation during the second half of 2017, Barb and I decided it was time to restore some life to Peeper Pond Farm.  Consequently, on December 6, 2017, we brought a new kitten home to the farm, which we decided to name Calli (short for calico).  To the best of our knowledge, Calli was born on or around September 1, 2017, which we decided to dedicate as her official birthday.  A true pioneer kitten, Calli was born in a hand-hewn log cabin at the intersection of WV Route 42 and Possom Hollow Road in Maysville, WV.  She weighed only two pounds when we brought her home.

Calli playing with her puffy ball – 12/7/17

Calli finds a new toy – 12/9/17

Calli adjusted to her new home on her first day.  After a long nap in our living room glider chair (which she would soon compete with us to make her thrown), she eagerly began playing with anything she could find.  She pounced on plastic bags, chased toy balls throughout the house, and even adopted Barb’s shoes as a favorite toy to play in and around, until she grew too big to climb into them.  Throughout the winter months, she grew quickly on her cat food diet, supplemented liberally with any flies or bugs she could catch in the house.  She spent many days sitting in a dining room window dreaming about catching the many goldfinches that fed from a feeder dangling on the other side of the glass.  That window eventually taught her that glass is not a material she could leap through to catch the birds.

Mommy, Mommy, please let me out; I have a meal to catch! – 3/13/18

Calli’s Rainy Day Adventure – 4/19/19

After a winter being consumed by bird lust, Calli ventured into the great Peeper Pond Farm outdoors for the first time in February 2018.  I led her around the borders of our farm a few times, helping her to learn that her world does have some practical boundaries.  She immediately began to expand her hunting skills to include field mice, bunnies, opossums, and eventually, the deer that frequent our yards and fields.  Unfortunately, she sustained her first injuries trying to catch some baby opossums that had taken refuge in our garage, but she saved her real hunting bravado for bigger game.  During the late spring and early summer months, Calli apparently learned she could frighten wild deer that graze in her field by sneaking up on them and charging at them.  I once watched her chase two four-point bucks up the gravel road that serves as our sole highway access.

Calli and her catch – 5/29/18

Calli corrals the doe – 8/10/18

While Calli does not have the unfortunate, but humorous, tendencies that her predecessor (Ninny) had for embarrassing behavior, she has found ways to endear herself to us.  Calli is a true indoor/outdoor farm cat, as she mastered her hunting skills in her first 6 months of life, while Ninny didn’t make her first kill until the final 2 months of her 15-year life.  She protects our farm as though it was her own–and it is.  Please join us in welcoming Calli, the new reigning princess of Peeper Pond Farm.

Calli begging for a tummy rub – 5/26/18

What’s so funny about sleeping in the bathroom sink? – 12/2/18

You’ll never find me here – 2/8/20